Automated cow health and productivity monitoring

Herdvision captures moving 3D images using a small digital camera positioned above a race. Data is fed back live by integrating with an intelligent online monitoring system.

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What we measure

The digital vision based system, coupled with intelligent cloud computing provides identification of problem cows before even a trained stockperson can identify them.

Icon showing cow with an arrow from top to bottom
Body Condition Scoring (BCS)
Herdvision measures body condition each time the cow passes under the camera, reporting the changes in BCS directly to a smartphone. This accurate insight allows early intervention in feeding and herd management changes, to ensure cow fertility and milk production are maximised.
Icon showing cow with line from back to front
Mobility Scoring
Automated detection of lame cows allows early intervention and a significant reduction in the cost of this debilitating disease. Live mobility monitoring allows for early treatment - the key to rapid and complete recovery, with minimal disturbance to the cow and her productivity.

how it works

Herdvision provides real-time data on the health and nutrition of your herd

Data is delivered directly to your phone or tablet - supporting your daily management decisions. The digital camera, ‘in-box’ analysis software and cloud computing, brought together in a simple web interface, enables farmers, their vets and nutritionists, to make use of precise, consistent and regular outcome measurements of mobility and BCS in herd level management.

Real-time and reliable identification of changes in lameness and BCS allow for early intervention, before these changes impact cow performance and welfare. Leave HerdVision to do the measuring and reporting of mobility 365 days a year, freeing up your valuable time to manage your animals.
HerdVision camera in use on a farm



Daily precision measurement of crucial cattle health parameters.



Analyse up-to-date results provided through the cloud platform.



Automatically generate health condition reports for your whole herd alongside daily individual cow reporting.


Extremely powerful machine learning 3D camera.

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Small, compact and lightweight
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Low voltage option
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Waterproof (IP67) and robust
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Links via WIFI or 4G
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Cloud connected
3D render of HerdVision camera

Our Software

Easy to use real-time dashboard and mobile app

Herdvision desktop dashboard
The app provides daily alerts, identifying cows that have changed mobility or body condition score since the last recording.

Mobility alerts are provided each day to allow early intervention in lameness detection. 7 day trend analysis for BCS allows for insightful recognition of individual cow and herd level changes in body condition.